En 10 boy 28Born in Aydın in 1966, following her graduation from Dokuz Eylül University in 1989, between 1989-1991 the artist studied on ceramic art at the Ceramic Education Workshop of İzmir Painting and Sculpture Museum.
Between 2003 and 2005, she worked in the Rehabilitation with Ceramics program, where she participated in art therapy research and practices at the Turkish Armed Forces Rehabilitation Center.
In 2015, she realized the project “Hello to Mud”, which introduced 400 high school students with ceramics.
In 2014, she attended the ‘Art Therapy for Mental Disorders’ training at Istanbul University Capa Faculty of Medical Psychiatry. Aktüy, who makes productions by using her experience in ceramics in art therapy, is a member of the Art Psychotherapy Association (SPD).
By establishing the multidisciplinary workshop called Container in 2017, the artist multiplied her artistic and therapeutic knowledge with individual and collective productions.
In the workshop/gallery that bears her name, Aktüy continues her multidisciplinary studies, which are based on purification, increasing well-being and revealing the healing power of art, beginning with herself.